Thursday, March 14 Pre-Conference


Making a Difference: Drugs, Alcohol, Pregnancy and the Vulnerable Children

Dr. Ira Chasnoff

Over one million children in this country per year are delivered to women who have used alcohol or illicit drugs during pregnancy. Children available for adoption make up a large proportion of these children, and children adopted internationally add significant numbers to this population. This session will expand on the 2018 Refresh program, bringing newly developed information to the discussion. With a focus on the structural and functional changes that occur in the fetal brain due to prenatal exposure to alcohol and other drugs, how those changes interact with environmental issues to affect the child’s ability to attach to his/her primary caregiver, and how the exposure impacts the child’s long-term behavior, learning, and social outcomes, the program will provide adoptive parents with practical strategies for intervention and support of children affected by prenatal exposure to alcohol and drugs.

  • Intended Audience: Caregivers and Professionals
  • Price: $45 CE's available for this session at an additional cost
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Church Leader Seminar with Ryan and Kayla North

hosted by Seattle Union Gospel  Mission

Hear from Ryan & Kayla North of One Big Happy Family, about what trauma is and how it informs behavior. Pastors and ministry leaders will leave with practical tools that will help your church better serve families and children from the foster care system.

  • Intended Audience: Pastors, Ministry Leaders and Caregivers
  • Price: $30
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Brandi Lea

We cannot lead where we have not been, so how then can we lead our children to healing, rest and healthy lives if we are not first examining our own souls and seeking that for ourselves? Come spend the day with fellow moms and dads as we gently examine areas that might need healing, rest or healthier practices and work together to make tangible plans to address those areas.

  • Intended Audience: Anyone needing healing, rest, and a healthy way of living
  • Cost: $25 includes lunch.
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Adventure in Marriage With Doug Fields

  • Intended Audience: Couples
  • Price: $40/per couple

Whether your marriage is in serious crisis or simply just needs a shot-in-the-arm, Doug will give you a positive outlook for the future of your relationship through a stress free environment and practical content.

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