Navigating Special Education: IEP’s and 504’s

Join Leah and Alyssa for this empowering breakout session that provides participants with a review of the essential components of an individualized Education Plan as well as a 504 plan. Participants with gain a better understanding of the IEP timeline, the role of assessments, goals and accommodations; as well as the parent’s role in the development of an IEP. Leah and Alyssa will address ways to proactively bring forth IEP & 504 concerns and issues. Attendees will review a sample IEP and 504 document and will receive tools to support their participation in the development of the future plans.

Alyssa Moseley

Date/Time: Saturday, 11:30am
Speaker: Leah Hernandez MA & Alyssa Moseley ccc-slp
Room: Student Room