Max McGhee

Max Mcghee

Max is a husband, adoptive father, pastor at Saddleback Church, and TBRI Practitioner. He and a team of gifted volunteers seek to find a family for every child and equip the Church to care for them. In 2016, Max learned that hundreds of children were going to celebrate Christmas without a family in Orange County’s temporary shelter called Orangewood. After several months he and a few other volunteers came up with “The Zero by 2020 Vision.” It was a goal to have zero kids in the shelter waiting for a family by the end of 2020. They launched the vision on August 22, 2017, with hundreds of people from over 30 churches to initiate this vision along with the Social Service Agency of Orange County and other organizations such as Olivecrest. This goal will be accomplished through a CARE collaborative using biblical values and research-based TBRI to help heal trauma in families. Nobody knew a pandemic was about to turn the World upside down. COVID may have slowed the vision down but it did not stop it from reducing the number of children in Orangewood to just 11 on Christmas in 2020.

Today Max trains and equips volunteer leaders at Saddleback and other churches to work with governments, agencies, and organizations to form collaboratives as a part of the PEACE Plan. He is still committed to getting to zero in Orange County and expects it to happen by Christmas 2022 with the goal of sustaining zero kids waiting for a family-based placement.