Ernie and Pat

Ernie & Pat Casarez

Ernie and Pat were responsible for establishing a coalition of Orange County Churches to provide a safe and loving home for each Child in Foster Care; to help with the current needs of these Children and their families; and to provide training on parenting skills and trauma so children don’t need to enter into the system. ” Every Child Deserves a Family of Their Own” is our motto.

As part of our commitment to the Orange County TBRI Collaborative and to advocate for foster children, adoptive children and their families, we are now dedicating our time, treasure and energy to bringing trauma informed care to our community. TBRI is an evidenced based, attachment based protocol developed by the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development at Texas Christian University. Having spent over 30 years with the foster care system working with vulnerable children, their families and our own three foster children, we have seen the positive results using the relational strategies taught by TBRI.

It was an honor to be recommended by the Initiative for Vulnerable Children and to be accepted into the TCU training program. This training conferred the title of TBRI Practitioner to me so I can serve this vulnerable community. As a former CEO of a community bank, a father, a grandfather and foster father I bring a perspective of having lived through the experiences of husband, father, foster father, legal guardian, grandfather and adoptive father to our training sessions.