Elsa Kok Colopy

Elsa Kok Colopy is an author, speaker and an expert on multiple DVD curriculums (Single &
Parenting, Griefshare Surviving the Holidays, DivorceCare). A former editor for Thriving Family
magazine, Elsa has authored hundreds of articles and is the author of six books, including Pure
Love Pure Life, Exploring God’s Heart on Purity (Zondervan), A Woman Who Hurts, A God Who
Heals (New Hope), A Woman With a Past, a God With a Future (New Hope), and 99 Ways to
Fight Worry and Stress (Navigators). A former single parent, Elsa has now been married to
Brian for 13 years. Together they are the proud parents of four adult children and four adopted
littles (three from Haiti, one adopted domestically). Elsa has served throughout the country as a speaker in various venues for the last 20 years. She has also personally walked the journey of parenting children through trauma. She and her husband, Brian, live, love and adventure
together with their family in Colorado Springs, CO.