David Adams

Dr. David Adams

Dr. David Adams is a licensed psychologist. In addition to his practice at Meier Clinics, Dr. Adams works with both foster/adoptive children and their parents with trauma backgrounds including issues related to attachment, trauma, anxiety, depression, and maladaptive behaviors. He is a TBRI practitioner, a certified clinical trauma professional, and a behavior analyst. He is also a  sought out speaker with Foster Kinship Care Education (FKCE) through Saddleback College. In addition, he is an adjunct faculty at National University specializing in behavior analysis.

Dr. Adams and his two adoptive children were featured on CBS’s A Home for the Holiday in 2019. Dr. Adams adopted his two children from the Orange County Heart Gallery in 2018 after receiving placement of his children in 2016. Both of his kids come from an extensive background of neglect and trauma. He loves to share specific stories of his own challenges and relates to parents with children with trauma backgrounds.