Carrie O'Toole

Carrie O’Toole MA

Carrie O’Toole, M.A. has adopted domestically and internationally, and is a bio mom. After parenting a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder for 8 years, the O’Tooles made the heart-wrenching decision to relinquish their son to another family in 2009. Since that time, Carrie earned her masters degree in Human Services, specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy. Parenting traumatized children is traumatizing, so Carrie works as a coach, helping other struggling adoptive parents to heal from their own grief and trauma. She helps parents through coaching, her book, Relinquished: When Love Means Letting Go, documentary film, Forfeiting Sanity, the Relinquished Retreat for Parents, blogs, and podcasts.