Anchored: Knowing Your True Self-worth in Christ

The most important thing caregivers can do to support their child in the healing process is to remain calm. Children desire to know they are safe in your care and this message is conveyed through the calm demeanor of a strong loving adult in charge. It is very difficult to remain calm when we are presented with some of the most challenging situations, in addition to the common adult stressors of bills, to-do lists and work expectations. So how then, do we stay calm in the midst of all this stress? One way is the exploration of our own histories. Oftentimes, our past is playing into our present, without us being aware of it. Becoming very clear on what we bring to the table as caregivers is key to helping us stay calm in the moment. What hurts from our past are being triggered at this moment? What lies do we believe about ourselves that may be causing us to be upset right now? This pre-conference session will walk you through a series of exercises to help you discover your triggers and why you have them. We will learn how to separate our histories from our present challenging moments. Knowing your true value in Christ and walking in positive self-worth will give you the mindset to remain calm in a variety of stressful situations

Anchored: w/ Cindy Lee

Date/Time:Wednesday, 10AM-4PM
Speaker: Cindy R. Lee
Room: TBD