Breakout Session 5

Friday, March 4, 1:15  – 2:15 PM


Transracial Adoptee Panel: Let’s Talk about Race | Sue Badeau with Derek Hamer & Nathan Ross

Given the racial tension, discrimination, and violence against African Americans, especially African American young men, adoptive and foster parents have a big task when raising African American children in adoption and foster care. Come to this session to hear from young adults who have lived experience as transracial adoptees, as they tackle tough questions related to identity formation, relationship development, and building lifelong resilience.


Building a Calmer Brain from the Bottom Up | Melissa Corkum

Sometimes our kids seem to be angry and explosive all the time. Or maybe you feel angry and explosive all the time. Learn how to harness the power of neurobiology and polyvagal theory into practical ways to regulate your whole family’s nervous system from the bottom up.


TBRI, the Connecting Principles | Renae M. Dupuis

TBRI is an attachment-based, trauma-informed intervention that is designed to meet the complex needs of vulnerable children. TBRI engages Empowering Principles to address physical needs, Connecting Principles for attachment needs, and Correcting Principles to disarm fear-based behaviors. While the intervention is based on years of attachment, sensory processing, and neuroscience research, the heartbeat of TBRI is Connection. Join us for an overview of Mindfulness and Engagement strategies that will increase your capacity to create more felt safety in your home.


Choosing to Thrive | Maria Hansen-Quine

Is trauma wearing you down? Are you struggling to give your children what they need because you find yourself empty, with little to nothing to give?  As trauma parents and parents of jewels with special needs and medical needs, our time is often consumed by the needs of our jewels. Choosing to thrive is a passion for our presenter Maria, who lives it out every single day. You will create your own soul care, self care and couple care plans.


Navigating the Unseen of Self-Injury Behavior | Ruth Graham

Self-injury behavior is like an earthquake.  The unseen rumblings take those who are caring for the person by surprise and result in confusion and fear.  This session will focus on defining, understanding, and learning specific interventions to help pre-teens/teens who are engaging in self-injury behaviors such as cutting.


Healing Through Creative Movement | Deborah Graves

Are you struggling with finding your peace in the midst of the storm? Are you longing for ease and connection with yourself and your child? Come enjoy a unique somatic-based healing experience that combines therapeutic movement, breath work, introspection, and compassionate soul-care. Learn the science behind these therapeutic movements that integrate aspects of the self separated by trauma. Share these movements with your child to create a renewed playfulness and peace within your relationship.


Parenting after Prenatal Exposure—What Works Best? | Deborah Gray

Many children and teens who have prenatal exposure have outcomes that are better than expected. So, what did these parents do that worked best? What does the research say about how to parent and educate? This workshop is a hopeful one, helping parents with the specialized parenting that brings out the best in their kids. This will be a practical, “how-to” workshop.


Tools for Addressing Challenging Behaviors | Cindy Lee

This session focuses on providing the steps necessary to address a variety of behaviors such as sleep difficulties, lying, melt-downs, and transitions. We must be proactive in establishing connection and addressing the pain of previous trauma, but what do we do in the heat of the moment when we are face-to-face with behavior? Come and find out!


Connected Independent Living | Pam Parish

A practical framework for transitioning our teens and young adults into independent adulthood while maintaining connection and relationship.


Guided Art Expression | Saddleback Visual Arts Ministry

Art Expressions sessions will guide you in using the power of color and form to express the deeper vibrations of your life. In a group setting, a Certified Instructor guides you with prompts that help you voice your feelings with paints on canvas. It’s not about making a beautiful painting as much as it is “journaling” through the language of color. No art experience necessary.