WE UNDERSTAND what it’s like to raise kids who have traumatic pasts. We know firsthand what it’s like to make the sacrifices and to be weighed down with shame and sheer exhaustion.. We know because…

Frequently Asked Questions

Refresh is a Christian conference designed for foster and adoptive parents, kinship providers, grandparents, and others who care for orphaned and vulnerable children. Refresh is not a recruiting conference. It is all about supporting the post placement journey. We understand firsthand that this journey can be difficult and lonely. The Refresh Conference is a time for you to escape from the distractions and chaos of life and be physically, emotionally, and spiritually refreshed and inspired.

COVID Update: Based on Covid infection trends we anticipate that by March 2022 the rate of Omicron infection will drop and it will be as safe as can be expected during the pandemic. So we don’t believe that we will need to cancel the conference and that wearing masks will be a choice that people will make for themselves. You will be able to choose outdoor seating for the entire conference if you desire the safest experience. The current California mask mandates are due to expire in February. We plan to have plenty of hand sanitizer available. Our worship center has no side walls so it’s more of an indoor/outdoor space with unrestricted airflow.

During the conference there will be four main sessions with dozens of breakout sessions to choose from to meet your specific needs. In addition to the best content to equip you, we will have many soul-care experiences to help restore peace to your mind and body and free resources you’ll take home with you.